Was your flight cancelled, delayed, or rebooked? You may be entitled to compensation or reimbursement of unforeseen expenses. Check what your options are.

Unforeseen expenses

If you had unforeseen expenses because of a delay or cancellation, such as extra costs for a lunch or a phone call, you can request a reimbursement.


You may be entitled to a fixed amount of compensation if you meet these 3 criteria:

  • your flight was delayed or cancelled, and as a result, your arrival time was more than 3 hours later than initially scheduled;
  • you are travelling on a flight departing from an airport in the EU, or on a flight operated by a Community air carrier departing from an airport in a third country to an airport in the EU, unless local legal regulation applies in that third country;
  • and your flight delay or cancellation was not caused by special circumstances, such as extreme weather, political instability, or third-party strikes.

Voucher types

If you’re entitled to compensation, you’ll get a travel voucher (also called an EMD voucher.) The amount of compensation depends on the type of voucher.

Check what applies to your trip:

  • Was your original flight 1.500 km or less? You receive voucher type A with a value of EUR 350 (non-refundable) or EUR 250 (cash payment.)
  • Was your original flight within the EU and more than 1.500 km, or outside the EU and between 1.500 and 3.500 km? You receive voucher type B with a value of EUR 500 (non-refundable) or EUR 400 (cash payment.)
  • Was your original flight outside the EU and more than 3.500 km? You receive voucher type C with a value of EUR 800 (non-refundable) or EUR 600 (cash payment.)

Your voucher will be either non-refundable or provided to you as a cash payment; this will be indicated on the travel voucher you receive.

You can use a non-refundable travel voucher to purchase a new flight or extra options. You can also spend your cash payment on a new flight or extra options, or exchange it for cash. If you choose to use it for a new flight or extra options, the higher value of a non-refundable voucher applies.

Reduction of compensation

Have you arrived less than 2 hours (voucher type A), 3 hours (voucher type B), or 4 hours (voucher type C) after your original flight was scheduled to arrive? Then your compensation might be reduced by 50%.

Already requested a voucher?

You’ll receive e-mails to let you know the status of your request. You can also check the status in My Trip. Simply log in with your last name and booking code to see the current status.

Using your voucher

You’ll receive an e-mail with a voucher number that consists of 13 digits, starting with 074. You can also find the voucher number in your profile. The voucher is valid for 1 year after you received it.

You can use a maximum of 2 KLM vouchers during checkout to purchase a new KLM, Air France, Delta Air Lines, or Virgin Atlantic ticket and extra options. If you do not spend the entire amount at once, you’ll receive the remaining credit in the form of a new voucher.

Note that you cannot use a voucher to pay for KLM Holidays or taxes on Flying Blue reward tickets.

Exchange for cash

Do you have a refundable voucher and want to exchange it for cash? You can easily request this exchange. If you’re not sure yet whether you want to use it for a new ticket, no worries: you can still request a cash refund within one year of receiving the refundable voucher.

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